Tips to Sell Your Horse Float Faster

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When it comes to selling your horse float, time can be an issue, especially if you need the funds to buy a new horse float or even a new horse. If you plan to sell your horse float, or if your horse float has been advertised for a while and it isn’t selling, then these tips can help you to sell your horse float faster.

Evaluate Your Horse Float

A horse float will not sell quickly, or won’t sell at all, if its price isn’t appropriate for its value. Your horse float’s value will be affected by the features it offers, its condition, its age, and whether or not it needs any major repairs.

When you’ve assessed the condition of the float, compare it to the asking prices of similar horse floats. If your horse float has major flaws or needs major repairs, be sure to offer a lower price on the float to compensate for the money that a buyer will have to invest. You should also compare your asking price to the prices of other horse floats for sale – if your horse float is priced higher than others, then it is unlikely to sell quickly.

Showcase Your Horse Float’s Strengths

When evaluating your horse float, determine what features a buyer would see as advantages. Features like a dressing room, an extra-tall height, and new tires will help to make your horse float stand out to buyers. Be sure to highlight these features when you advertise your horse float for sale.

Advertise Your Horse Float Well

Where and when you advertise your horse float for sale can make a big difference in how quickly it sells. Take advantage of all of the advertising opportunities available to you. Online horse classified websites like TopHorse offer you excellent access to a large audience. If you’re looking to sell your horse float in a hurry, advertising it online is an excellent strategy.

The way that you design your ad for your horse float also influences how quickly it can sell. Take the time to create an ad that accurately describes your horse float with a good amount of detail. You should be sure to include the horse float’s location to avoid wasting time answering inquiries from buyers who are too far away to make buying the horse float a practical option.

Include Quality Photos

Whenever you list your horse float for sale, include quality photos of the float to give potential buyers a good idea of your float’s condition. Include photos of the float’s exterior from all four sides, and take detailed photos of the float’s wheels, hitch, interior, and any damaged areas.

Selling your horse float quickly is possible, but will take a little extra work.

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