Tips to Sell Your Used Horse Rugs

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Selling your horse’s used horse rugs can be a great way to get a little extra money while ensuring that the rugs go to a horse who can use them. When advertising rugs and horse clothing for sale, you will want to be sure to follow these steps to help make a sale and represent the rug correctly.

Measure Carefully

One of the first factors that a buyer will want to know about a horse rug is the rug’s size. The size of many rugs is included on a tag on the rug, but if the tag is missing, then you will need to measure the rug. Be sure to measure carefully and explain how you took the measurement to the prospective buyers.

Inspect the Rug

Even regular use can have a hard effect on horse rugs. Tears, rips, and other damage can occur. If you’re selling a used horse rug, then carefully inspect the rug before you put it up for sale. You will need to identify any areas where damage has occurred, even if they have been patched or repaired. Disclose this information openly in your ad, and adjust the price that you are asking for the rug accordingly.

Provide Plenty of Information

When writing an ad for your horse rug, you will want to provide the potential buyer with as much information as possible. Always include the rug’s size, and provide a description of what type of rug you are selling. If you know whether or not the rug is waterproof, include that information as well. You should also make an attempt to include the rug’s heaviness or weight, whether by listing the rug’s denier or providing an estimate.

Clean the Horse Rug

No one wants to receive a dirty, smelly horse rug in the mail, so before you advertise the rug for sale, take the time to have it washed and cleaned. Make sure that the rug is completely dry before you fold it up, or mold could result.

Include Pictures

Pictures can tell a potential buyer a lot of information about the horse rug that you’re selling, so always be sure to get some quality pictures. Take pictures of the entire rug, and then include close-up shots of any damaged or repaired areas.

Calculate Shipping

Horse rugs can be big and bulky, and can cost a bit to ship. If you are selling a horse rug to a buyer who is not local, then be sure that you pack up the rug and get an estimate on its shipping cost before providing the buyer with a quote.

Listing rugs and horse clothing for sale can take a bit of time, but is a great way to make sure that your horse’s old items go to good use.

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