Tips When You’re Traveling for a Trail Ride

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Being able to load up your horse and travel to take a trail ride in different locations is a rewarding and fun experience. However, there’s also a lot of work involved. These tips will make traveling for trail rides with your horse a bit easier.

Bring a Friend

It’s always safest to ride with a friend, and this holds particularly true if you’ll be traveling out to different trails and locations. Bring a friend and their horse along to keep you company and to keep both of you safe. For this reason it’s a good idea to look at horse floats for sale that have room for at least two horses.

Plan Ahead

Before you set out for your trip, plan out your route and, to the best of your ability, how long the trip will take you. Leave this information with a friend or agistment owner who can call for help if you do not arrive back home when expected. Be sure to bring along fully charged cell phones and carry them on your body, not on your saddle. It’s a great idea to also bring along a map and a compass when you will be riding on unfamiliar trails.

Pack Accordingly

You will need to pack both your saddle bags and your horse float for the trail ride. You should always bring hay and water for your horse on the float. When you’re traveling to a new trail or area, you don’t know where or if water will be available, and you won’t necessarily know if it’s safe for your horse to drink. Bringing food and water from home can help to keep your horse safe and healthy throughout the trip.

When packing your saddle bags, plan for the unexpected. Make sure to include a spare halter and lead rope, a knife, a hoof boot, a hoof pick, an equine first-aid kit, a human first-aid kit, and a flashlight. You will also want to bring along food and water for yourself, as well as bug spray, sunscreen, and a rain slicker when applicable.

Prepare Your Vehicle

Before loading up your horses, always do a safety check to make sure that your truck and horse float are safe and ready for the trip. Make sure that the tires on both the horse float and the truck are in good condition and are properly inflated, and that you have spare tires for both. Check the horse float’s hitch, and after you load the horses, double-check that all of the windows and doors are secured.

Heading out for a trail ride in new territory can be a great experience as long as you plan ahead for the trip.

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