Top Five Don’ts When Buying a Used Horse Float

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When you’re looking at horse floats for sale, do you know how to protect yourself from a bad purchase? Be sure to avoid these top 5 don’ts when buying a used float.

Don’t Forget to Do Your Research

Before you head out to see a horse float in person, do your research. Look up floats of similar makes and ages to get a sense of the prices that they are selling for. It’s also a good idea to do a little research into the float’s manufacturer to find out about what kind of reputation the floats have.

An important part of your research should be contacting the seller and asking questions. You may need to ask for additional photos, too. This takes some time, but it may save you a trip out to see a float that wouldn’t work for you.

Don’t Take the Seller’s Word About the Float’s Weight

One of your questions to the seller should be the float’s empty weight, but don’t completely trust the seller’s word, either. Underestimating the float’s weight could put you in a dangerous position of overloading your tow video, so find a way to get a definite weight on the float.

Some floats include the empty and loaded weight on the factory plate that is attached to the float’s hitch. You may also be able to look up the float’s weight on the manufacturer’s website. If neither of these options work, having the float weighed at a weighing station will give you a definite answer.

Don’t Underestimate Structural Issues

A little rust on the float may seem like nothing, but can actually lead to costly and dangerous problems. If you aren’t sure of how to evaluate a float for structural issues, then ask to tow the float to a mechanic for an evaluation. This extra effort can save you from a bad purchase.

Don’t Forget to Check the Float’s Interior Dimensions

If you will be towing larger horses, it’s important to make sure that the float is large enough to hold them comfortably. Bring along a tape measure to double-check that the float is the size that you need.

Don’t Assume The Floor Is Solid

Be sure to pay extra attention to the horse float’s floor. If floors get old and weak, they can pose a dangerous situation to you and your horses. Replacing a wood floor can be done fairly easily, but if you’re looking at a float with a worn aluminium floor, you’ll be facing much more costly repairs.

You may have to look at a few different horse floats for sale before you find the right float, but it is out there. Be sure to take your time and carefully evaluate each float during the process.

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