Top Necessities to Have on a Trail Ride

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Trail riding is a great way to get away with your horse for a while. But things can happen unexpectedly on the trail, and if you’re miles away from help, you will need some supplies to get yourself out of trouble. Every time that you head out on a trail, be sure that these items are in your saddle bags.

Hoof Pick

Rocks and other debris may easily find their way into your horse’s hooves on trail rides, so be sure to have a hoof pick available to clean your horse’s hooves.

Hoof Boot

If your horse loses a shoe while you’re out on a ride, his exposed hoof sole can be easily bruised by the terrain. You may also have to dismount and walk him home, and that can be a long trip. Carry a hoof boot in your saddle bags so that you can protect your horse’s hoof from bruising and chipping in the event that he should throw a shoe during the ride.

Halter and Lead Rope

Carry at least one spare halter and lead rope with you. If a horse’s bridle breaks or you need to dismount for a long period of time, a halter and lead rope can help to keep your horse safe and secured.


Stock your saddle bags with a variety of bandaging material so that you’re prepared in the event that your horse cuts himself. Include gauze pads, Vetwrap, rolled cotton, a standing bandage, and a pillow wrap. Duct tape can come in handy, too.


It is always a good idea to carry a knife when riding. If a horse catches himself on his tack or a rope, a knife can allow you to quickly free him with minimal damage.


If you’re heading out on a long trail ride it can be a good idea to bring along a flashlight. If you get caught out on the trail longer than you expected, a light source will make it easier to find your way back home.

Extra Water and Food

Put an extra bottle of water and a few granola bars into your saddle bags to have just in case your trail ride turns out to be longer than you expected. The water can also be used to clean out any wounds that you or your horse should sustain.

Human First-Aid Kit

Along with first-aid supplies for your horse, remember to pack some for yourself. A small first-aid kit including Band-Aids, disinfectant wipes, and antibiotic ointment may come in handy on the trail.

Mobile Phone

A mobile phone is a must when heading out on the trails. While the other items can be carried in your saddle bags, make sure to keep a mobile phone on yourself, rather than on your horse. If you and your horse part ways, you’ll want to make sure that you still have your mobile phone with you. Carry your mobile phone in your pocket or in a holder attached to your leg or arm.

As you prepare to head out onto the trails, make sure that you have the necessary supplies to keep both you and your horse safe. Enjoy the ride!

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