If you’re looking to provide the best in rider and horse comfort and prevent equine injury look to Tyrecycle to provide rubber from end-of-life tyres. To specifically suit the equine industry, waste tyres are processed down to 5, 10 or
15 millimetre granules that can be mixed with sand to create an optimal training and preparation surface.

Tyrecycle crumb makes for a softer surface that enables the horse and rider to train longer. Due to the superior cushioning, it also enables horses recovering from injury to exercise earlier than would otherwise be possible.

Tyrecycle recycled rubber granule products are:
• 100% Australian Made
• Suitable for dressage and jumping arenas, walkers and round yards
• Produced from 100% recycled truck tyres
• Available for delivery Australia-Wide

For more information please contact Adrian on 0412 261 268 or visit our website by clicking the below link.

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