SureFoot® Mat Products

SureFoot® Mat Products


Our SureFoot® Mat products improve welfare for animals and people by providing a safer surface under foot.

Asphalt, concrete or other unstable surfaces in equine facilities can be very slippery and dangerous. Combined with the use of metal horse shoes it is a significant concern for operators. SureFoot® Mat offers powerfully effective products that help operators maintain a high level of safety without the need for ongoing management or intervention across a variety of applications.

Rubber Mats & Matting Solutions for …

Trainers & Stables
Racecourses & Turf Clubs
Selling Complexes
Hospital & Vet Clinics

BlueFrog™ Bedding

Cleanest and most absorbent bedding available – better bedding ‘made naturally’.

The effect of dust on horses health is well recognized. Under normal stable conditions, in a single breath, a horse can inhale up to 12 million particles of dust into his lungs. A recent study found that in horses showing no clinical signs of disease, up to 50% had inflammations of the airways, a potential precursor to COPD.

Using ‘dust free’ bedding will significantly reduce the respiratory challenge from the horses environment.

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