Pets on the Park

Pets on the Park


‘Pets on the Park’ not only distributes EQyss Grooming Products that are made from the finest, most expensive ingredients available to produce amazing products. But we are now distributing Fourflax Flaxseed Oil to work on your horse’s body from the inside while EQyss works on the outside, to make your horse glow with health.

Below are some of the key benefits of adding Omega 3 rich Flax Seed Oil to your horse's diet:

* Dry, itchy skin conditions and hair loss issues can be improved naturally
* Can reduce the risk of allergies and allergic reactions such as Queensland itch
* The anti-inflammatory nature of Omega 3 can combat inflammation and inflammatory conditions such as laminitis
* Joint pain, reduced mobility, tying up and muscular cramps can be reduced, and recovery times following exercise are decreased, as the high Omega 3 content aids the breakdown of lactic acid
* Horses can become less 'fizzy' when the oil is used as an energy source, due the oil being a fat source of energy rather than a carbohydrate source
* Hooves become stronger and less prone to cracking
* Coats become incredibly shiny and soft
* Gastrointestinal disorders can be treated and digestion is helped

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