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Magnesium 4 Horses


Magnesium 4 Horses


Magnesium 4 Horses


Elektra Life's 'Magnesium 4 Horses' brand offers food grade magnesium chloride salt flakes in small and bulk quantities to supplement diet with magnesium - naturally! It has been the quality brand of choice for Australian horse owners for more than ten years and is easy to digest. Horses love the taste in their feeds.

These salts are sourced from a pristine region of the Tibetan Plateau not near mining, agriculture or other population pollution sources and is certified food grade. Australian laboratory trace mineral analysis shows no mercury and no lead contamination tested to parts per billion. It also shows the highest level of elemental magnesium (over 16%). Range = 12-16%.

Magnesium chloride salt is the most soluble and bio-available form of magnesium, and requires no work to digest once it is dissolved in water. For this reason it is so much more effective than other forms of magnesium. Cells can take it up immediately – even transdermally! For those horses who are being treated for acidosis and with sensitive digestive system, we also have a natural Magnesium4Horses Lotion which can be gently massaged into tight muscles to relax, or to soothe itch. Horses can also absorb magnesium via skin.

Magnesium is the one mineral that is most likely deficient in animals because magnesium is lost during stresses and traumas, excessive exertions, inclement weather or travelling. We also have one of the lowest magnesium soils in the world in Australia. Therefore, grasses are high in sugars and low in magnesium.

Symptoms of magnesium deficiency include high anxiety, cranky temperament, easily spooked and twitchy, difficult to control in performance, involuntary muscle spasms and grass tetany, bone and hoof deterioration, such as laminitis, pain or inflammatory conditions.

Half a cup of magnesium flakes per day mixed into feeds is the average being used by horse owners (or more if recovering from injury or illness). Usually a 9kg bucket of magnesium flakes lasts a horse about 5 months. At $154 per bucket (inc GST) this represents the best value in nutritional magnesium supplement for horses. It's just about $1 per day for the best food grade magnesium chloride!

Use Magnesium4horses food grade magnesium flakes daily for calmer horses and healthier hooves.

Flat Rate Shipping $20 Australia-wide only. Internationals order can be quoted for freight separately.


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