Stumpman Sales & Services Pty Ltd

Stumpman Sales & Services Pty Ltd

Clean up for the COMING SEASON 

Stumpman Sales and Services Leaf and Stick Rake – For Ride On Lawn Mower

Over 5,000 units sold!

» The Leaf and Stick rake tows behind your ride on lawn mower.

» Clean up leaves, pine needles, grass and sticks for the summer fire season.

» Makes cleaning up around the home easy.

» You can rake sticks up to 40mm diameter and 2 Metres long.

» Simple and easy to operate, with only two actions.

» Can be attached to any size ride on lawn mower.

If you wish to release the load you have collected, just pull forward on the handle. With the rake in the UP (locked ) position, the rake can be easily transported around the property.

The stick rake can be handled easily when off the Ride-on lawn mower allowing a one person operation. The rake weighs under 20 KG. The stick rake can be easily "Flat Packed" for delivery by Australia Post.

Wheelie Bin Tow Bar – For Ride On Lawn Mower

 Why struggle to move your wheelie bin to the pickup site to have your rubbish collected ?

» You can tow your wheelie bin behind your ride on lawn mower with the wheelie bin towing bracket.

» Once the wheelie bin tow bar has been attached to your ride on lawn mower then it is just a simple matter of hitching the Wheelie Bin.

» The wheelie bin tow bar can be attached / detached to your ride on mower in less than 15 Seconds with little effort.

» The wheelie bin will follow the ride-on mower as a normal trailer would.

» You can hitch different size wheelie bins behind your ride on mower, allowing you to move your waste bin to a central emptying or collection point safely.

» This materials handling equipment makes moving your wheelie bin easy.

» The tow bar is made from durable steel.

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