Troublesome Areas to Check When Looking at Used Horse Floats for Sale

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Buying a used horse float can be a great idea – it can help you save money and can make buying a horse float possible, even on a limited budget. But when you’re looking at used horse floats for sale, you need to make sure to check these troublesome areas which can rust out or be damaged with use.

Horse Float Floors

The floors of a horse float take a lot of wear and tear. Many float floors are made of wood, and wood can rot when it’s exposed to moisture. Metal floors may also rust.

When you’re looking at a used horse float, pull up any floor mats and carefully inspect the floor. The float floor should not be warped, uneven, or soft in any areas. It also shouldn’t give as you walk across it. Pay attention for signs of rotting or weakened wood – if you find any, the entire floor should be replaced before you use the float.

Horse Float Ramps

If you are looking at a float that has a ramp-load design, then carefully inspect the ramp itself. Ramps sometimes rust or rot, and their hinges can weaken with extensive wear. Make sure that you see the ramp move while you’re looking at the float.

Horse Float Hitch

It’s so important to make sure that the hitch on a horse float is strong and stable. Look for signs of any rust that is more than superficial; this can indicate that the hitch and the front of the frame is weakened. A weather-worn hitch has probably been left outside and exposed to the elements for years, whereas a hitch that looks newer has likely been cared for and protected from the elements.

Hitches can be replaced, but it’s costly to do so. However, if you’re unsure about the condition of the existing hitch on the float, it’s always safer to start with a new hitch.

Horse Float Frame

The frame of the horse float is what essentially holds the entire float together. If you’re looking at a lightly used, newer float, then the frame will probably be just fine, unless that float has been involved in an accident.

However, the frames on older horse floats can become weakened and rusted. It’s important to have someone crawl underneath the float to carefully examine the frame’s strength and integrity. A weakened frame can be serious trouble, especially once you load your horses up.

It’s important to consider these troublesome areas when looking at used horse floats for sale. If you’re not sure of just how to spot some of the issues described above, then make sure to have a mechanic go over the horse float before you buy it or load it up.

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