Ways to Add Privacy to Your Horse Property

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Are you looking at horse properties for sale with hopes of buying a horse property of your own? There are many factors that you’ll want to consider when looking for the perfect property, and the property’s privacy is one important factor. Here are some ways that you can add privacy to your horse property.

Set your stables and House Back From the Road

If you’re lucky enough to be building a horse property of your own, then start thinking about privacy from the very beginning. As you plan out the location of buildings and structures, be sure that you locate your stables and the house a way back from the road. Locating these buildings well into the property reduces the chances of anyone wandering into your stables for a visit.

Put Up a Perimeter Fence

A perimeter fence is a great way to establish the boundaries of your property. A perimeter fence clearly outlines where the public sidewalk ends and where your private property begins.

In addition to putting up a perimeter fence, you may want to consider putting a gate across your driveway. This gate will help prevent people from wandering onto your property, but it’s also an excellent safety measure which can keep loose horses contained on your property until you can catch them.

Plant Hedges and Trees

You can create a natural barrier between your property and those surrounding you by planting hedges and trees. It’s best to consult a landscaper to determine which species of trees and bushes are best for your needs. Be sure to avoid planting trees next to structures like your house or stables, since over the years their tree roots may grow and cause issues with the foundation.

Put Pastures in the Back of Your Property

Try to locate your horse’s pastures in the back of your property. Horses naturally catch people’s attention, and seeing horses in your front yard may cause people to want to visit. By keeping your horses in the back of your property, you can provide them with privacy while also keeping them safe.

Don’t Put a Sign on your Stables

If your stables are for your private use only, don’t put out a sign with your stables name on it. Seeing a sign may lead to people inquiring about riding lessons or boarding.

There are many ways that you can add privacy to a horse property, but it’s also important to consider the property’s overall privacy when evaluating horse property for sale.

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