Ways to Make Your Horse For Sale Ad Look More Appealing

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When it comes to advertising your horse for sale, first appearances are everything. If your ad doesn’t look appealing, potential buyers may pass it right by. Put these tips to work to make your ad look more appealing.

Come Up with a Great Title

A great title can help to catch viewers’ attention and get more people interested in your ad. Come up with a catchy, accurate title for your horse ad such as “Perfect Husband Horse Ready To Join Your Family,” or “Show Jumper Ready to Take On the Grand Prix.”

Use Paragraphs

When writing a detailed sale ad, it’s easy to get caught up in the trap of creating a massive block of text. No one wants to read a single paragraph ad, so make sure that you take the time to separate the ad out into paragraphs – the shorter, the better.

You may also want to add some bullet points to help cleanly present the important facts about your horse. It’s easier for someone to read a bulleted list when they’re trying to quickly take in an ad.

Use a Professional Font

If you have choice over the font that you use for your ad, then make sure that you choose a font which is professional and easy to read.

Bubbly and scripted fonts may be fun, but reading them requires a lot of effort. Choosing a clean font which is easy to read will make your ad appear more professional.

Make Important Information Easy to Find

When designing your ad, think about the specific information that everyone will be looking for. Your horse’s breed, age, and height are important details that should appear in the beginning of your ad. You may also want to include your horse’s price, or price range, and his general location. Finally, make sure that your contact information is easily visible.

Include Quality Photos

Photos help to capture viewers’ attention. Good, quality, and clear photos can go a long ways toward selling your horse. Include multiple great photos of your horse, both under saddle and without tack. Be sure to get photos of your horse doing what he does best – if you’re selling him as a jumper, then you’ll absolutely want jumping photos. If you’re selling a reining horse, then photos of him reining are a must.

By putting some thought into how you can make your horse for sale ad look more appealing, you should be able to generate more views and interest in your ad.

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