Ways to Save Money When Buying a Horse

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Are you trying to buy a horse on a budget? Before you start looking at horses for sale, consider these tips which can help you save money when buying a horse.

Consider the Factors You Really Need

Spend some time thinking about which factors you absolutely need your new horse to possess. What are the musts for you – a show record, a particular age, a certain amount of training experience, or a certain temperament? Understand which factors will drive up a horse’s price, such as a successful show record or extensive training. Do some research to find out the average price for a horse matching your criteria in your area, so you’ll know when a well-priced horse comes along.

Be Willing to Compromise

If you are trying to get a deal with the horse that you buy, then be willing to compromise a bit on what your ideal horse looks like. Buying a horse with limited training and working with him on your own (if you have the skills to do so) can save you a significant amount over the horse’s purchase price. If you’ve been looking at purebred registered horses, then consider looking at non-registered horses, since they’ll often cost less. A bit of a compromise can save you money in the deal.

Buy from a Reputable Source

Buying a horse only to find out that he is not as described or doesn’t suit you once you get him home can be an expensive mistake to make. When money is tight, it may be worth it to only look at horses being sold by reputable sources, such as well-known breeders or sellers with a positive reputation to maintain. There is generally less risk involved for you in these situations when compared to buying a horse from a private buyer who isn’t known in the equine community.

Have a Pre-Purchase Exam Performed

While a pre-purchase exam will cost you money initially, it can save you from making the expensive mistake of buying a horse with physical issues which may cost you significantly down the road. If the seller is willing to let you take the horse on a trial period, this is another great way to make sure that the horse is right for you before you commit to the purchase.

It's possible to save money when buying a horse, and one of the best ways to do that is to familiarize yourself with the local market. Look at lots of horses for sale and know just what you want so you can recognize that great deal when it comes along.

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