Ways to Save on Your Stall Bedding Costs

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When you own a horse stable, you may find that your bedding costs can quickly add up. These practical tips can help you to save on your stall bedding costs.

Buy Bedding in Bulk

One of the best ways to lower the cost of your bedding is to purchase the bedding in bulk. This will require that you have adequate storage space, but can mean significant savings over buying bedding by the bag. You might call around to other local barns to see if they would be willing to split a bedding order with you, so you can both save money without having to buy so much bedding at one time.

Compare Pricing

Get resourceful. Call around to your local feed stores to get their bedding prices, but think about other potential sources for bedding. If you have sawmills nearby, you may be able to get bulk bedding for a lower cost. Some horse owners even use shredded newspaper or straw as affordable bedding alternatives.

Mat Your Stalls

If your stalls aren’t yet already matted, adding stall mats can immediately result in you using less bedding. Other mat systems, such as stall mattress or cushioned mats can help to further reduce your bedding usage by providing a soft base.

Maximise Turnout Time

The less time that your horses spend in their stalls, the less bedding you’ll need. Do your best to maximise the amount of time that horses spend in turnout each day. Setting up a run-in situation can be ideal so that your horses can come and go as they please. If you do use a run-in setup, then be sure to feed your horses outdoors when weather allows for it. This helps to encourage them to spend time outside of their stalls.

Clean Stalls Multiple Times a Day

Getting into the habit of cleaning your horse’s stall multiple times daily can help to keep the stall cleaner so you throw out less bedding. If your horse is in his stall for long periods of time, picking out piles of manure will mean less mess to deal with during your thorough stall cleaning.

Turn Over Bedding

Every time that you clean your horse’s stall, turn over all of the bedding. Moving the bedding throughout the stall helps to ensure that it all gets used, and keeps the bedding from packing down and moulding in the corners of the stall.

Bedding costs can be significant, especially if you own multiple horses. But putting one or more of these tips to work can help to keep bedding costs minimal.

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