Ways to Save Yourself Time When Selling Your Horse

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Selling a horse requires a time investment on your part, but there are a number of ways you can save yourself some time in the process. From listing your horse for sale to meeting with potential buyers, here are some tips to help you cut down on the time involved.

Present All the Information Up Front

When you write your horse’s for-sale ad, take the time to present all of the important information up front. Leaving out information, like your horse’s experience level or temperament, will only result in interested buyers contacting you for that information. It’s much easier to include details in the sale ad than it is to field many emails and inquiries from individual buyers.

Do Your Research

Spending a little time researching what horses are selling for in your area can save you a lot of time in selling your horse. Make sure that you are asking an appropriate price for your horse. By pricing your horse correctly, you can maximise the impact of your ad and generate interest in your horse.

Ask Questions of the Buyers

Before you agree to arrange a trial ride with a buyer, ask them some questions, too. Ask about their intended use for the horse, whether they have a trainer, the facility where the horse will be kept, and what their overall riding experience is. Their answers to these questions can help you to identify whether they’re an appropriate match for your horse. By screening the buyers, you can save yourself time in showing the horse to a buyer who won’t be suitable for him.

Don’t Consider Your Horse Sold Until You’re Paid

You’ll find buyers who say they will buy your horse, and will ask you to hold him for them. Then, they disappear. In the meantime, you may have turned away potential buyers who would have actually bought your horse. Never consider your horse sold until a buyer has paid you for the horse and you’ve signed a contract of sale.

Use a Sales Agent

If you really don’t have the time necessary to dedicate to selling your horse, consider hiring an equine sales agent to help with the process. A sales agent takes over the responsibility for selling your horse, giving you more free time. Many agents take a percentage of the horse’s sale cost as their commission, so be sure you read any contract carefully before signing.

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