Ways to Sell Your Tack Faster

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Selling used tack can be a nice way to get some money back in exchange for tack that you’re no longer using. Have you been advertising your tack for sale, but are you having trouble finding a buyer? These tips can help you to sell your tack faster.

Get Quality Photos

Don’t just edit some photos of your horse wearing the tack that you’re selling. Take the time to get good quality photos of the tack itself. You’ll want to photograph the tack against a fairly plain background, like a wall or the side of your stables. Make sure that you photograph the tack in good lighting, and get photos from different angles. The better the photos you have, the better your chances of catching a buyer’s attention.

Provide Detailed Information

Buyers want to know exactly what they’re getting, especially when they’re buying tack online. You should always include the brand and model, if applicable, of the tack that you’re selling. Do your best to include all sizing information, especially the tree and seat size of a saddle and the foot and calf size of tall boots. Don’t forget to also describe any blemishes or damages, and include pictures of these areas, too.

Price Competitively

Pricing your tack too high can mean that you’ll discourage buyers, but you don’t want to price your tack too low and lose out on its value, either. Do a little research when pricing your tack. First, look up what the item costs new. Then, try to find other used versions of the item for sale – Ebay can be a great place to find this. Look at what the tack is selling for, consider the condition of your item, and ask yourself what you would pay for it. This can all give you an idea of what an appropriate price may be. If your tack is listed for a few weeks without any interest, consider lowering the price and see what happens.

Reach the Right Audience

Think carefully about where you’re advertising your tack for sale. A classifieds site, like TopHorse, can quickly advertise your tack to a large audience, increasing its visibility. In addition to using online classifieds, don’t forget to post ads at your local feed store, and let your horse friends know that you have items for sale. Word of mouth can be a powerful tool, especially if you have specialised items which will appeal to riders in a certain discipline.

When advertising tack for sale, consider adjusting your ads and your marketing methods to help get your items sold faster.

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