Ways to Stay Involved with Horses When You Don't Own a Horse

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Do you find yourself yearning over horses for sale, wishing that you could have a horse of your own? If buying a horse is not currently a possibility, there are still many ways that you can stay involved with horses and keep yourself in the saddle.

Help Busy Horse Owners

Life and its demands often mean that horse owners have less time available to ride than their horses need. In some cases, they will need to have a dependable rider who can school and exercise their horses when they don’t have enough time to ride, themselves. Such a situation can work out well for you, as you will get regular riding time for free.

Offer Horse Care Services

When horse owners have to travel and cannot meet their horses’ daily care requirements, they will need to rely on others to care for their horses. Offer horse care services that include grooming, stall cleaning, feeding, and exercising to local horse owners. Depending on an owner’s schedule, you might find yourself with quite a bit of regular work.

Remember that many people travel during the holiday times, too. Offer your services short-term for holiday coverage, and you will likely find yourself with much work. You will keep yourself involved with horses, and you can also earn yourself a bit of income as well.

Help People With Horses for Sale

If there are local sale or auction yards near you, you will certainly find people in need of help with the horses for sale. Large horse sale outfits often see many horses come in which must be prepared to be presented for sale.

Selling a horse is no easy job, but your help can make it more manageable for the owners. Offer services including grooming, mane pulling, and photographing horses for sale. Some owners may need riders to exercise the horses and display them to potential buyers; if you are a good rider you may put those skills to use.

Volunteer at a Horse Rescue

Horse rescues often have many horses in their care and limited staffing; many rescues depend on their volunteers. Volunteering at a horse rescue is a great way to keep yourself involved with horses. As an added benefit, any volunteer work you do will be for a good cause, and the horses themselves will benefit from the time that you spend with them.

While the setup of each horse rescue will differ, typical volunteer chores may include cleaning the stables, grooming horses, and feeding horses. In some cases, depending on the rescue, volunteers may be permitted to work with the horses and ride them.

Get creative and you will find many ways to stay involved with horses even when you do not own a horse yourself.

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