Ways You Can Improve Your Horse’s Health

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We all want the best for our horses, and we hate to see them sick or injured. Here are some ways that you can improve your horse’s health, reducing your vet bills and minimising your horse’s down time.

Feed a Quality Diet

Always provide your horse with the highest quality feed that you can afford. Investing in quality feed and hay is an instrumental part of giving your horse the nutrition his body needs to stay healthy, fight off illnesses, and develop the muscle and strength he needs to avoid injury.

In addition to providing your horse with quality feed, the way in which you feed your horse can also affect his health. Try to feed your horse from the ground, using a feed bucket, so that he eats in a natural position which allows him to easily clear his airway. It’s also a good idea to break up your horse’s feedings into three or four smaller feedings throughout the day, so he always has food moving through his digestive system.

Turn Your Horse Out

The more time that you can give your horse in turnout, the better. Stalls restrict a horse’s ability to move about, reducing his circulation and leading to boredom and subsequent behavioral issues. In turnout, horses can interact with each other, move about freely, and entertain themselves. They experience improved circulation which is important for both hoof and digestive health. The ability to move freely can also greatly improve the comfort of horses with arthritis.

Check On Your Horse Daily

Make a point of checking on your horse daily. Even if you have just a few minutes, run your hands over your horse’s body and legs, pick his feet, and observe his overall attitude. Being able to spot small injuries or issues early on means that you can treat them before they become larger issues.

Stay in Touch With Your Vet

Be sure to stay in touch with your horse’s vet. Schedule an annual exam so your vet can evaluate your horse’s overall health, and make sure that your horse receives the vaccinations that your vet recommends. Your vet can also recommend a nutrition and deworming program to help keep your horse healthy.

Practice Biosecurity At Horse Shows

If you take your horse to shows, then practice good biosecurity to reduce his chances of catching an illness from another horse. Don’t allow your horse to interact with other horses at the show, and avoid touching other horses yourself. Always bring all of your own equipment, including water buckets, so that you can avoid transferring germs to your horse.

What other techniques do you use to improve your horse’s health?

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