Ways You Can Sell Your Horse Property More Quickly

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Sometimes life circumstances may mean that you need to sell your horse property, and quickly. Whether you’re moving, closing a business, or have already purchased a new property, it can be stressful to list your horse property for sale, only to receive no offers. These tips can help you to drive the sale of your property more quickly.

Partner With a Real Estate Agent Who Knows Horses

If your property has significant equestrian facilities, like large stables and riding rings, then it likely won’t appeal to your average buyer. Instead, you’ll need to target the equestrian buyer. It can be helpful to partner with a real estate agent who at least knows horses and the equestrian world. Ideally, your real estate agent will specialise in equestrian properties and will already have connections with the audiences you should market your property to.

Get Quality Photos

Photos can be the difference between convincing a buyer to come out and see your property, or their deciding to pass on the property entirely. Many real estate agents are skilled in taking photos, but it may also be wise to hire a real estate photographer who knows exactly how to capture your property in the perfect light.

Consider Dropping Your Price

If your property has been on the market for a long time without receiving interest or offers, it may be time to drop the price. This is a conversation to have with your real estate agent.

Do Some Basic Maintenance and Beautifying

It’s hard for a potential buyer to fall in love with a property when it’s looking lackluster. Doing some basic maintenance, like repairing downed fences or reseeding paddocks, can help to show that you’ve cared for and maintained the property. This may help to give buyers confidence in the fact that they won’t encounter significant problems once they buy the property.

Don’t underestimate the effect that some beautifying can have, too. Paint fences and your stables, remove any cobwebs, have your house clean and tidy, and do some light landscaping to have your property looking great and ready for its new owner to move in.

Try to Find Out Why People Are Passing

If potential buyers are coming to see the property but aren’t making offers, they may be able to provide you with valuable feedback. Ask your real estate agent if the viewers are identifying the issues that are causing them to move on. If you find that viewers are identifying the same issue again and again, you may want to consider whether you can help to resolve that issue.

Selling a horse property takes time and some luck, but the above steps can help you to speed along the process as much as possible.

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