What to Bring With You When Looking at Horses for Sale

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When it comes to looking at horses for sale, you may be tempted to just jump in the truck and head off. But wait – there are some items that you should definitely bring with you when you look at a horse for sale.

Copy of the Ad

It’s always a good idea to bring along a copy of the horse’s original for-sale ad to help keep your facts straight. Go over any specifications in the ad that you would like to verify with the seller. Sometimes facts like the horse’s age or height may be estimated in the ad, so it’s a good idea to double-check that these are accurate. Having a copy of the ad which lists the horse’s price can also come in handy in the event that the seller presents the horse at a higher price in person.

List of Questions

Before you go visit a horse for sale, come up with a written list of questions that you would like to ask the seller. You may be able to ask many of these questions over the phone ahead of time, but having a written list can help you to go over any new questions that might otherwise slip your mind.

Experienced Friend or Trainer

Always bring a second person who is experienced and who can evaluate a horse with you. A second person may spot potential issues that you might not, and they can also watch while you ride the horse.

Riding Equipment

If you plan on test riding the horse yourself, then be sure to bring along proper riding clothes, boots, and a helmet.


Having a camera with you is a great idea. Try to bring a camera that can take quality photos and video, and in addition to taking your own photos of the horse, ask your friend or trainer to video you while you ride. You can review the materials back home.

Deposit Money

While it is generally a good idea to visit and ride the horse a second time before making an offer, there are some situations where you will want to have deposit money on hand.

Horse Float

If you suspect that you might buy and transport the horse home that same day, then bringing a horse float along (if you have one) could save you a trip. Just don’t be tempted to buy the horse just because you happen to have the horse float with you. If you don’t own a horse float, you may need to pay someone to transport the horse for you, or you can look at horse floats for sale.

When it comes to looking at horses for sale, make sure that you bring everything you might need to evaluate and thoroughly consider the horse.

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