What to Do When Your Horse for Sale Isn’t Selling

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You’ve advertised your horse for sale, taken great photos, written up an ad, and … nothing. A few people have come out to see him, but no one’s bought him. Worried that you’re having trouble selling your horse? Here’s what you can do when your horse for sale isn’t selling.

Revisit Your Ad and Photos

If your for sale ad is receiving little engagement, then it’s time to revisit the ad itself. Take a look at the ad and see if it is missing any important information. Have you included vital information such as the horse’s age, breed, height, location, and experience? Have you sufficiently listed your horse’s talents and skills?

Next, critique the photos that you are using in your ad. Poor quality photos are a major reason that many sale ads get passed by. If you don’t have quality photos, then set aside some time to get some beautiful shots of your horse, both in hand and under tack, when he is cleaned up and looking his best.

Ask Buyers Why They Passed

If you’ve had some potential buyers out to see your horse, but they’ve passed up on buying him, reach out to them and politely ask them why they declined. Explain that you’re having trouble selling the horse and are reaching out to them in hopes that their feedback can help you to better market your horse. You may find that the buyers’ responses are varied, but if multiple buyers identify similar issues, such as your horse being priced too high or not being as is described in your ad, you have an idea of what you can fix.

Do Some Market Research

Spend a little time looking at other for sale ads to get an idea of how horses are being marketed. Is your horse’s price much lower or higher than other horses of the same quality? Does the market seem overrun with similar horses? Or is it possible that there isn’t a particular demand for the type of horse that you’re selling in your region?

Consult a Professional

In some cases it may benefit you to consult a professional for their opinion. A professional trainer or rider can give you a sense of what factors may keep buyers from being interested in your horse.

Professionals can tell you whether your asking price is reasonable, and can make suggestions to help you better market your horse. If you’re tired of the process of selling your horse, then consider consigning him to a trainer to sell.

When your horse for sale isn’t selling, you may need to change something in how you market your horse. Sometimes patience pays off and that perfect buyer may be right around the corner.

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