What to Look for In a Horse Float for Camping

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Camping with your horse is a great way to have some fun, explore the country, and enjoy nature. Having a great horse float meant for the job will make camping with your horse easier. Think about the following tips when looking at horse floats for sale to use for camping.

Bigger Is Better

If you’re serious about frequently going camping with your horse, then be prepared to spring for a larger horse float. You’ll want space for your horses, as well as the horses of your friends or family members who will go along with you for the trip. You’ll also need adequate living quarters, as well as plenty of space to store supplies, like feed and tack. This means that you may have to upgrade the size of the truck or vehicle that you’ll be using to pull the horse float.

Consider a Gooseneck

There are many advantages to buying a gooseneck horse float for camping with your horse. The first advantage is the fact that goosenecks are often larger floats, and goosenecks are more likely to include living quarters. But the second advantage is that you can often unhook a gooseneck from your truck and can still use the horse float safely. This isn’t possible with a bumper pull float, which means that you won’t be able to easily unhitch the truck to go run to town.

Choose Deluxe Living Quarters

If you plan to do a lot of camping, don’t skimp on the living quarters in your horse float. Having a bathroom, sleeping space, and kitchen area will quickly become invaluable, especially if you’re spending longer periods of time away from home. You’ll be glad that you opted for the horse float with extra lighting, air conditioning, and larger sleeping areas when you’re out camping. Trust us.

Opt for an Awning

An awning is one of those features that you really shouldn’t go without. It’s a great way to get outside the horse float but to also stay cool on the hottest of days.

Consider Portable Yard Panels

Look into bringing along portable yard panels when you go camping. In some cases you may be able to install portable yard panels directly onto the horse float. If you can’t, then make sure that you have space to carry the panels, either on top of the float or in the bed of your truck. Portable yard panels allow your horses to rest outside of the horse float, even if there aren’t stalls available on the grounds.

Camping with your horse is tons of fun, especially if you have the equipment to do it right. Keep this list on hand when you’re ready to look at horse floats for sale.

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