What to Look for in a Horse Transport Company

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At some point you will need to transport your horse from point A to point B. While looking at horse floats for sale and buying a horse float of your own is one way to do this, hiring a horse transport company to transport your horse is another option. But before you hire any horse transport company, you need to make sure that the company is reputable, trustworthy, and capable of transporting your horse safely.


First and foremost, consider the experience that a horse transport company has. How long have each of their drivers been transporting horses, and are the drivers knowledgeable about horse care and handling? If an emergency, such as a panicked horse or a colicking horse occurs, are the drivers capable of assessing the situation and taking proper action? When you hire a horse transport company, you’ll be entrusting your horse’s care to the driver, so you will want to make sure that the driver is up to the task.


Consider the equipment that each transport company uses. Companies with larger rigs that offer air ride systems can lessen the stress of standing on a horse truck for long hours. If your horse will be traveling a long distance, then opting for a horse transport company which can provide your horse with a box stall and an air ride system will make the transport more comfortable for your horse.

Even if you don’t need a big horse truck with air ride and box stalls, find out what kind of vehicle your horse will be traveling in. Is the vehicle relatively new, and has it been properly maintained? Be sure that any vehicle used is safe to transport horses.

Policies and Procedures

When you’re calling around to different horse transport companies, ask about their policies and procedures for transporting horses. How are the horses identified to ensure that each horse is delivered to the proper destination? How long will your horse’s trip be, and will there be detours to drop off or pick up other horses? What is the company’s policy in terms of keeping you updated on your horse’s condition and the trip’s progress?


Finally, consider the horse transport company’s reputation. Ask the company to provide you with references for their services, but also reach out to the horse community on your own to find out what horse owners’ experience with the company has been, both good and bad.

When you hire a horse transport company, you want to be sure that you’re working with a quality company which puts the horses’ safety first.

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