What to Look for in Horse Trucks for Sale

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Buying a horse truck is a bit different from buying a horse float. Horse trucks are more complicated than horse floats, since the engine and the float is all combined into one. If you will be looking at horse trucks for sale, especially if you will be looking at used horse trucks, then it is important to have a clear understanding of what factors to look for in a horse truck.


There is nothing worse than getting out on the road with your horses, only to have your horse truck fail you. Before you start shopping for a horse truck, research the different brands of horse trucks available. Certain brands may be more reputable than others, and in the event of a breakdown, one brand’s warrantee may cover repairs that another brand would leave you to pay on your own.

A horse truck’s age and past use also factor into its future reliability. If you find a horse truck for sale that has been heavily used and has high mileage, it may be best to just pass on the horse truck. Most horse trucks do not last more than 300,000 miles, simply because their reliability decreases after that point.


A horse truck is a major investment. You will want to be sure that you are investing in a quality product that will last you for years. Before you look at horse trucks, look into what brands are known for producing quality vehicles. Speak with your friends and other horse owners about what brands of horse trucks they recommend for quality. Be sure to look into reviews online, as well, since these can give you some additional insight about the horse trucks that you are considering.


The horse truck that you buy should be comfortable for both you and your horses. You should feel comfortable and confident in driving the horse truck, so be sure to take a variety of horse trucks for test drives to determine which style and size you like the best.

Additionally, look for a horse truck that is designed to keep your horse comfortable during transport. Check the quality of the flooring, and look for a horse truck with an excellent suspension. Some horse trucks come equipped with air ride systems which are even better at reducing the effect of the jolts of the trip on your horse’s joints.

When it comes to looking at horse trucks for sale, do your research ahead of time to help narrow your search so that you can find the horse truck that is just right for you.

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