What to Look for When Buying a Horse Shed

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If your horse spends time out in the pasture, having a three-sided horse shed is the perfect way to give him protection from inclement weather. Additionally, a horse shed gives your horse a way to get out of the sun in the heat of the day, helping to keep him cooler. If you plan to buy a horse shed in the near future, consider these following points.

Shed Size

Whenever you look at horse sheds for sale, carefully consider the size of the sheds. You will want to buy a horse shed that is high enough to safely allow horses to enter and move about without hitting their heads. Additionally, a shed should be adequately sized so that your horse can easily move around while in the shed. As a rule of thumb, look for a shed that is roughly the same size as your horse’s stall.

If the shed will be used by multiple horses, than it will need to be longer than a standard one-horse shed. When multiple horses are turned out to use the same shed, then the shed should be designed with an entirely open front so that one horse cannot get pinned in the back of the shed by another horse.


The materials that have gone into the construction of the shed will affect the shed’s durability. Look for a shed that has been constructed using a high-quality lumber. Some sheds are made out of lightweight metal, which can not only rust, but can also be easily punctured by a kick. Make sure that all of the hardware on the shed is quality hardware that will hold up to rain and sun.


A proper foundation for the shed is essential to its safety and effectiveness. Many horse owners choose to use a layer of crushed rock beneath their sheds for drainage, topping that with compacted dirt. To make cleaning out the inside of the shed easier, consider laying stall mats inside for a smooth footing finish.


When positioning the shed in your horse pasture, you should determine which direction the wind most frequently comes from. Position the shed so that the back of the shed faces the direction the wind comes from, offering the horses a buffer from the wind.

Additionally, it is important to locate the shed in an appropriate area of your pasture. Avoid positioning the shed close to a corner of your fencing, since it could result in horses getting pinned into the corner. Try to locate the shed so it is in an area that is geographically higher than the surrounding areas, like on a hill or an incline. This helps to avoid water collecting in or near the shed, causing mud.

When buying a horse shed, be sure that you purchase a quality shed that is specifically built to be used with horses.

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