What to Think About When Looking for a New Riding Stable

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Whether you’re looking for a new riding stable to take lessons at, or are looking for a horse stable where you can board your horse, you will want to make sure that the new stable is a good fit for you. Before you start looking at horse stables, take a moment to think about just what you want in a new riding stable.


One of the most influential factors defining whether a horse stable is a good fit for you will be the major riding discipline performed at that stable. If you ride English, then you will probably want to find a stable where quality English riding lessons are offered. On the other hand, if you ride Western, then a stable which is focused on English riding may not be the best fit for you.


Carefully consider the location of your new riding stable. If you will be traveling to the stable on a daily basis, then it will probably be important that the stable is located within a reasonable distance of your home. Think about how far you would be comfortable traveling to a riding stable, then look for stables located within that distance.


The atmosphere of a horse stable has a significant impact on your time spent at that stable. Be honest with yourself in deciding what type of atmosphere is right for you. Are you looking for a highly competitive stable that will help sculpt you into a top rider? Or are you looking for a more laid-back stable where you can come to safely enjoy some time with your horse?

Horse Show Involvement

Whether or not a stable is heavily involved in horse shows can be a major factor in that stable’s atmosphere. If you anticipate competing in horse shows, then make sure that each stable you consider participates in horse shows, especially in those particular shows that you want to compete in. If you do not wish to show, make sure that the riding stable will not be pressuring you to compete.


Before you further investigate a horse stable, do a little research into that stable’s reputation. You can often find reviews of stables online, but you can also ask other riders for their thoughts and experiences with a particular stable. If possible, try to connect with riders who have previously ridden at the stable. Ask them about what they liked and didn’t like while riding at the stable.

When looking for a new riding stable, it is important to have a detailed idea of what you want in your new stable.

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