What You Need to Know Before Selling a Horse

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If you’re planning on advertising a horse for sale for the first time, you might have some questions about the process of selling a horse. Here are the essentials you need to know about selling a horse.

Good Advertising Can Make Your Horse Sell Faster

Never underestimate the value of good advertising – a quality “for sale” ad can make your horse sell faster, since it gets more attention and responses than a lackluster ad does. Put time and effort into your horse’s ad, and make sure that you have quality pictures portraying your horse in a variety of poses. Once you have created a quality ad, post it in multiple venues, including online.

You Should Be Insured Before Allowing a Test Ride

Test riding a horse is a standard part of the process of selling a horse, but before you let anyone else on your horse, make sure that you are fully insured. Having insurance coverage can help to protect you in case someone falls off of your horse during a test ride. You can insist on them wearing a helmet, and should also have them sign a liability release before mounting up.

You Can Turn Down a Buyer

If you don’t feel good about a buyer, or if the buyer doesn’t seem like they will take good care of your horse, you have every right to turn down the buyer. Just because you’ve listed the horse for sale doesn’t mean that you have to sell to any one buyer in particular. Need an easy way out of a sale? Tell the buyer that you are no longer interested in selling your horse. Just be sure to make this decision before the buyer invests any money in a pre-purchase exam.

Buy-Back Contracts Aren’t a Guarantee

Buy-back contracts, in which a buyer agrees that you will receive first option to buy the horse back if they ever sell the horse, can be reassuring. However, it’s important to realize that these contracts aren’t legally binding, and there are plenty of instances when buyers ignore these contracts entirely and sell the horse without notifying you. Once you sell your horse, he truly is out of your care and control.

The Right Buyer Is Out There

Selling a horse can take a long time. That doesn’t mean that the right buyer isn’t out there; it means that you need to be patient and persistent. If you don’t seem to be able to find a buyer, then carefully examine how you are marketing your horse. Are you asking a reasonable price? Do you have quality photos and videos? Are you portraying your horse well? Sometimes selling a horse is just a waiting game, but you will find the right buyer in the end.

Once you advertise your horse for sale, you may have additional questions about how the process works. Be sure to consult our feature articles section, and ask a trainer or reputable horse person for help.

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