What You Should Do Before You List Your Horse for Sale

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Selling a horse can be a busy time, but before you advertise your horse for sale, it’s important to make sure that he’s prepared to be sold. In order to make your horse more appealing to buyers, and to ensure that he’s ready to go when the perfect buyer comes along, consider this checklist below.

Bring Him Up to Date on Vaccines

Most buyers will want a sale horse to be up to date on vaccines. Getting your horse up to date on his shots shows a buyer that he has been well cared for and that he is more likely to be a healthy addition to their stables. This can also be a motivating factor for some in deciding to buy a horse, since they won’t immediately have the expense of a vet bill.

Get Him Back Into Work

If your horse has had some time off, it’s best to start riding him again before you advertise him for sale. Most buyers will want to see a horse move under saddle, if not to test ride it themselves. You don’t have to get your horse fully conditioned, but it’s ideal if he can at least walk, trot, and canter.

Get Him Used to New Riders

If you have been the only person to ride your horse for the last ten years, then chances are that he won’t quite know what to do with a new rider during a test ride. Take some time to get your friends or trainer to hop on him for a ride or two. This will help to get your horse adjusted to being ridden by different people, which may lead to a better test ride for buyers.

Clean Him Up

Set aside a day to get your horse all cleaned up. If your horse has been living in a field, take the time to give him a bath, get the burrs out of his mane and tail, and clip his fetlocks to give him a neater, more polished look. If you are marketing your horse as a show horse, then it’s important to have him looking ready to go to a show, which may mean pulling his mane and neatening up his tail, along with a more intensive clip job. When it’s time to take sale pictures of your horse, you’ll be glad that you put in the extra effort.

Once you’ve completed these items, you’ll be ready to advertise your horse for sale. Good luck in finding that perfect buyer!

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