Which Breed of Horse Is Right for You?

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When it comes to buying a horse and looking at horses for sale, you will see a wide variety of different breeds represented. But when buying a horse, it’s important to make sure that the horse’s breed is suitable for what you’re intending to use him for. And if you have a few different breeds in mind, you will need to eventually decide what breed of horse you’re looking for.

Discipline-Specific Breeds

If you intend to participate in a specific discipline, then what type of breed you are looking for may be already dictated by that discipline. For instance, hotter, more athletic breeds like the Thoroughbred or Warmbloods are preferred for eventing, since they have the speed and endurance to withstand the intense three-day test. Arabians are valued as endurance mounts because of the breed’s natural incredible endurance. There are always exceptions to the rule, and this doesn’t mean that a different breed can’t excel in these disciplines. However, you would want to carefully consider the demands of the discipline when deciding on what breed you want.


Different breeds are known for having different temperaments. Some breeds, like the Thoroughbred or the Arabian, are known as being more reactive and hotter. Other breeds, like the stock horse or draft horse breeds, are more relaxed, working-type horses.

It’s important to remember that each horse is an individual, and you will find variations within the temperament of every breed. However, you can use the general breed temperaments as a guideline to help you decide which breed would be best for you.


You will find that horses of different breeds can bring very different price tags. Some more common breeds tend to be more affordable, but if the horse you are looking for is of a rarer breed, or of a breed whose bloodlines and registration is strictly monitored, then you will encounter higher sale prices.

You will want to carefully consider your budget and the common asking prices for horses of a particular breed when deciding what breed of horse you want to buy. Do some research and look at multiple ads for horses for sale from that breed to get a sense of what type of horse you could purchase in your price range. In some cases you may be able to purchase a very young or an older horse for less, but it may also be best to look into a different breed altogether.

When looking at horses for sale, having a clear understanding of the characteristics of the different breeds can help ensure that you buy the horse that’s right for you. TOPHORSE–browse horses for sale or place an ad to sell horses

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