Why a Difficult Horse Can Make You a Better Rider

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No one wants to work with a stubborn or highly difficult horse. When buying a horse or trying out horses for sale, it’s important to figure out when a horse will be too much of a challenge for you before you buy a horse. But sometimes a bit of a challenge can be a good thing: difficult horses have important lessons to teach you, and can help you become a better rider.

The Advantages of Riding Difficult Horses

Riding a difficult horse can help you to become a better rider. A difficult horse will require that you have a good seat and good hands, along with overall confidence and authority in the saddle. In working with a difficult horse you will quickly become aware of the signals that you are giving and how the horse responds to those signals.

Working with a difficult horse will teach you to think creatively and can help to develop your horsemanship. As you encounter behavioral issues or training flaws, you will learn to think like a horse trainer. Patience and determination are both required when riding a difficult horse, as the process can be a long and slow one.

However, if you persist in your work with the horse, you will ultimately be rewarded with a great sense of accomplishment. Difficult horses demand a lot of us, but as we progress with them we are rewarded in return.

Precautions When Riding Difficult Horses

Though you may be eager to take advantage of what a difficult horse can offer you, safety needs to come first in any situation. If a horse is difficult, you should work with the horse under the supervision of your trainer until you are confident in the saddle and have the necessary skills and knowledge to be able to deal with the horse’s behavior safely.

It is also highly important to keep your riding level and experience in mind when considering what horses you will and will not ride. A difficult horse can make you a better rider, but only if it is a horse that you can safely handle. Some horses will simply be too much; if they have true behavioral issues that could put you in danger, they need to be handled by only an experienced horse trainer and are not a safe project for you to undertake.

Whether trying out horses for sale or riding horses which are offered for lease, remember that some of the more difficult horses may have the most to teach you. Just remember to make your safety a priority when choosing what horses you will and will not ride.

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