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International Equine Connections pairs talented Australian dressage riders with top competition horses throughout Europe. Now, thanks to the support of Omega Feeds, Equestrian Life Magazine, and Crispin Bennett International Horse Transport, two lucky Australian riders will have the opportunity to train in Holland for one month.

This once in a lifetime training opportunity is the grand prize in a competition open to aspiring Australian riders. The five top applicants will be flown into the Dressage with the Stars event held in Melbourne. During the PSG Cup Freestyle competition these five finalists will receive their prizes, including feed donations from Omega Feeds for the three runners-up.

The top two winners will receive a trip to Holland with all accommodations paid. The cost of their training will be paid for by International Equine Connections, and Crispin Bennett International Horse Transport will generously cover the cost of their flights.

During their month in Holland, these two lucky riders will ride with and train under Annemieke Vincourt, a top Grand Prix dressage rider. Vincourt competed for Holland in the FEI World Breeding Championships and continues to train dressage riders at multiple levels, including the international circuit.

Vincourt’s training and advice would be otherwise difficult for most Australian riders to attain; the cost of international travel is only the first obstacle to overcome. Riders would also need to have quality horses to ride while in Holland, but that has been taken care of as well – thanks to International Equine Connections, the winning riders will have FEI-level horses to work with in Holland.

The wonderful prize of training in Holland is well in line with International Equine Connections’ goal: to improve and develop the participation of Australian dressage riders with the ultimate goal of their riding at the FEI level. In the process, International Equine Connections is steadily improving the quality of dressage horses available in Australia by importing them into the country.

International Equine Connections offers unique services to Australian dressage riders looking for top-quality mounts: the business works with riders to find quality horses in Europe. Importing horses from Europe helps to keep the prices reasonable for Australian riders, and International Equine Connections brings an established network and years of experience and knowledge to make the process run smoothly.

When working with International Equine Connections, a client discusses what they are looking for in a horse, and then International Equine Connections goes to work. The client views videos and photos of potential mounts presented to them. Once mounts have been found and the client is interested, they travel to Europe to see the horses in person and test ride them. International Equine Connections facilitates the travel, viewing, and purchase of the horses, simplifying the process of buying a horse internationally. International Equine Connections, along with Omega Feeds, Equestrian Life Magazine, and Crispin Bennett International Horse Transport, have taken the development of Australian dressage to another level. Two lucky riders will be treated to an unforgettable experience and are sure to bring much new knowledge and skill back to Australia. To enter the competition follow this link:

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