Yearly Horse Float Maintenance

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After looking at horse floats for sale and buying a horse float, it will be up to you to maintain the float. Proper yearly maintenance can help ensure that your horse float is safe and ready to go when you need it.

Your horse float should undergo yearly maintenance or yearly inspections for safety. Your horse float should be inspected at least annually, and always after long periods in which it goes unused. When inspecting your horse float, start with the hitch and work all the way back to the tail lights. Look at the hitch, make sure there is no rust on it, and make sure it is in good repair. Check the horse float’s chains to make sure that they also look good and are rust-free. Make sure that the horse float jack can move up and down with ease.

Pay careful attention to your horse float’s electrical system. Check the electrical connection and the fuses. You should keep extra fuses on hand, just in case. Look at and test your horse float brakes, including the electric brake, to be sure they work and work well.

The floor of the horse float should be examined and if there are rubber mats, they should be removed to check the floor itself. If your horse float has a metal floor, look for rust. If the floor is wooden, look for any signs of rotting or cracked wood. You will need to repair any rust spots or replace rotting boards right away. The longer you wait, the worse the damage will become.

Be sure your divider is working and can be moved side to side easily. If your horse float has a ramp, then the springs need to be in good condition so that you can close the float up without getting hurt. The door latches should move easily. Check the entire horse float for any signs of rust or leaks, and check the windows to be sure they are not broken or cracked.

You will also need to check your tires. Check for proper pressure in each tire, and look to see if the tires are in good condition and have enough tread on them. Be sure that there is no dry rot on the tires, and if there are problems with the tires you will want to have them replaced before using the float. Be sure your spare tire is also in usable condition.

Each time you hitch your horse float up to go anywhere you should check your lights. Be sure you have brake lights and directionals on the float, and that they all work correctly. The easiest way to do that is have someone stand behind the horse float while you test brake lights and each directional. If you have a plate light, then make sure that it works, too.

Yearly horse float inspections and maintenance take a very short time to perform, but the benefits of doing simple maintenance is worth its weight in gold.

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