Your Shopping List as a First-Time Horse Owner

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Congratulations – you’re buying your first horse! Have you thought about the supplies and equipment that you will need for when you bring your equine friend home? There are some basics that you simply must have in order to care for and ride your horse safely. Here is a short list of the necessities to get you started.


Your horse’s tack will be your largest initial investment. If you plan to ride your horse, a well-fitting bridle, saddle, and girth are necessary. The saddle must fit both you and your horse properly; if you do not have experience in evaluating a saddle’s fit, ask your trainer for help. Saddles can be expensive, but used quality saddles provide you a more economical option to buying new.

Additionally, you will need at least one saddle pad and a girth or cinch. You will also need to buy a bridle complete with reins and an appropriate bit for your horse. There are many places to find quality tack for sale at reasonable prices.

Horse Rugs

Depending on the climate in which you live, your horse may need a rug for the colder days. Rugs, fly sheets, and rain sheets all come in handy to keep your horse comfortable during different seasons and weather changes. Rugs and horse clothing for sale are often available both new and used; just make sure than any used horse rug is in good repair before you purchase it.

Stable Supplies

Your horse will need a properly fitting halter and a lead rope. If you ever leave a halter on a horse while he is turned out, be sure that at least part of it is made of leather. This will allow the halter to break if your horse should get tangled up in anything – full nylon halters do not break easily and your horse can injure himself if stuck.

Grooming supplies are another necessity. At the very minimum you will need a soft brush, a hard brush, a curry comb, and a hoof pick. Extra rags and sponges will let you groom your horse more thoroughly. Additionally, you may want to purchase shampoo, conditioner, sponges, and a sweat scraper to bathe your horse. Your horse will also appreciate fly spray if you live in an area with lots of flies.

First-Aid Supplies

You should have a first-aid kit on hand before your horse gets to the barn. Stock it with a thermometer, gauze pads, Betadine, disposable gloves, stable bandages, pillow wraps, and antiseptic ointment.

Caring for a horse requires lots of equipment. If possible, start purchasing the items you need before you buy a horse to make the process easier. TOPHORSE–browse horses for sale or place an ad to sell horses

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